Our students are our top priority and this is the reason why our aim is to provide support and assistance to make them feel at home. We pride ourselves on the care we take of them and provide a dedicated welfare officer who will try to solve any problem that might arise, in the quickest possible way.

We treat all our students with care and respect according to their needs and without discrimination of any kind. Advice and support are some of the key aspects of our school.    MCSE Safeguarding Policy   For our under 18’s, we have a designated safeguarding officer who students can contact at any time.

What is more, we follow specific procedures for absenteeism, safety, and well-being of students while on trips and tours. Please check our safeguarding Policy for more information here. If you are under 18, please fill out the Parental Authorisation form and send it together with your application form to info@manchesterscse.co.uk

Complaints procedure

MCSE seeks to prevent general grievances and complaints by ensuring that students are satisfied with their course, lessons and outcomes. In addition to their functional expertise, staff are expected to be fair, courteous, professional, and helpful in all dealings with students. Any complaints about a staff member or program will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint.   If a student is unhappy with any part of the overall service provided by MCSE, both course and non-course related, they have the right to access “MCSE” Grievance and Complaints procedures.

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