What is it?

The Legal English course at MCSE provides students with the practical language skills that are necessary for working as an international lawyer in a commercial context. The course also prepares students to gain the international TOLES qualification which is recognised worldwide by leading law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. The TOLES exam is designed to be fair to people of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds. MCSE’s Legal English course and the TOLES exam focus on the accurate use of technical legal vocabulary and grammar in the contexts of

  • Contract Law
  • Company Law
  • Employment Law
  • The Law of Torts (introduction)
  • The English Legal Profession

Who is it for?

The MCSE Legal English course is suitable for:

  • International law students who want to gain an internationally recognised legal English qualification (TOLES)
  • International law students who are preparing to work in the international legal community
  • Practising lawyers who want to find a new job in international commercial law and/or gain promotion within their own organisation
  • International law students and/or practising lawyers who simply want to learn practical and technical legal English as part of a training programme without taking the TOLES exam.

How long is the course?

The full-time course takes three weeks after which the TOLES exam can be taken at MCSE which is an accredited TOLES Test centre.

Course Dates:

Courses will run in line with TOLES exam dates, subject to demand.


*Please note that MCSE’s Legal English course focuses on the accurate use of practical and technical legal vocabulary and grammar rather than the academic or theoretical knowledge of law for which other, more academic-based exams may be more suitable.

Aims of the course

Students will learn and develop

  • Knowledge of the plain English style of writing for drafting documents and letters now favoured by leading commercial law firms
  • Accuracy in the use of practical and technical legal vocabulary
  • An understanding of how formal and informal English is used in the legal workplace
  • Skills to improve informal English and make it more appropriate and professional
  • A commercial awareness of law by focusing on real tasks carried out by lawyers in international legal offices
  • Techniques to help gain the best score possible score in the TOLES exam

Course details

  • Course duration: 3 weeks, leading to the Advanced TOLES qualification.
  • Price:  £950.00. This includes course books and exam fee.
  • Course dates: 25th February – 16th March 2016. Exam date is 17th March 2016.
  • Location: Manchester Central School of English. We are an official TOLES test centre.
  • MCSE can be flexible on the duration of the TOLES course. If a longer or shorter course time is required, please let us know.

An intensive, one week course is also available upon request, at a price of £540.00.

TOLES exam format

  • Time allowed: 120 minutes
  • Skills tested: Legal reading, writing, drafting and knowledge of register and business idiom
  • Focus: Practical reading, writing and drafting skills in authentic legal situations

Further information

For further information about the TOLES exam, either send an enquiry to the school or visit the TOLES website at:

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