You will complete four written assignments focusing on:

  • Adult learning
  • The English language
  • Language skills
  • Classroom teaching

Teaching practice and assignments are assessed.

You need to gain a pass in both areas of assessment to be awarded CELTA. There are three passing grades: Pass; Pass ‘B’ and Pass ‘A’.

Observations: When not teaching, trainees usually observe their colleagues, contributing to group feedback with the tutor once the lessons are over. In addition, trainees also observe and learn from experienced teachers for a total of six hours of lessons, a proportion of which is done through video observation.

Commitment: The CELTA course is very intensive and Cambridge requires that trainees attend every aspect of the course.

Tutorials: Each trainee will have at least one tutorial during the course and will be given an indication of his or her progress. All trainees will be heavily involved in lesson preparation and writing assignments in the evenings and at weekends too.

Professionalism: Trainees must demonstrate a professional attitude and work constructively with others. Trainees are also required to adhere to the MCSE Guidelines for CELTA trainees.