You are welcome to borrow any books or DVDs from the library. Please ask at reception before you take anything from the library. You must return the items on the due date.

Computer Room

  • In the computer room there are computers with internet access for your use. You will find links to English Language websites in the favourites file.
  • Headphones are available from reception.
  • You can use the computers in your free time and your teacher will also use them in your lessons.
  • If you are using a computer, but a teacher wants to use the room for a lesson, please wait for the teacher to finish their class before continuing your own work.

Unfortunately you cannot download information from the internet as we need to make sure no viruses get into the computers.

Academic Resources

We have a self-access area located in the library. Have a look and you will find that there are:

  • Grammar books to look up a certain topic area of difficulty
  • Dictionaries for all levels
  • Readers to improve your reading skills
  • DVDs and videos to improve your listening skills

You can borrow any of the resources you find in the library, you just need to let the receptionist know that you have taken it.

If you want to study on your own, please feel free to use the library at any time or any of the classrooms (as long as they are not in use) for your own quiet private study.

Student Lounge

We have an area near the library you can go to and relax during your break. Here you can buy a snack from the machine, meet other students, watch television, or read a book.

Prayer Facilities

In the School there is a prayer room for you to use when you need too.

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