Study Business English at MCSE

What is it?

Classes are taught with a maximum of 12 students and lessons are carefully structured to help you meet your needs and learn faster. Lessons are practical and interactive. You will need to have a Pre Intermediate level of English to join this course. You can also combine Business English with General English.

 Who is it for?

Suitable for students of pre-intermediate level and higher. The course is suitable for business and professional people and other highly-motivated learners. The minimum age to join the class is 21.

Aims of the course

Our Business English courses are designed to help you communicate more effectively in the international marketplace, covering topics such as how to make a presentation in English, problem-solving, negotiating and taking part in meetings.

Hours per week: 21 Hours (Intensive)
 Level:  Intermediate and above
Class size:  12  students maximum
Start: Any Monday
Minimum age: 18
Timetable:         Monday to Friday                 9.30 am – 12.45 pmMonday to Thursday                                1.30 pm – 3.00 pm
  • Business English
  • Professional qualification
  • Study at MCSE
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