This is Manchester. We do things differently here.”

Anthony H Wilson

“MCSE is one of the best things in Manchester. It’s not just a school, it’s a really nice place to learn English and make friends. I found a lot of friends from different countries and I had a really good relationship with teachers and staff (they are always smiling!) thanks for everything I want to come back in my next holiday.”

Maria from SPAIN spain-flag


At MCSE we are confident that we are able to help students achieve their personal academic learning goals.


Our courses are designed to be both rigorous and engaging, helping students make rapid progress and become confident English speakers.

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Why Manchester

Manchester is a connected city – Only two hours by train from London, and a short journey from Leeds, Liverpool and the Peak District.

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Discover Manchester Central School of English (MCSE)

The most central English language school in Manchester.

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“I have had lots of laughs and good moments here at MCSE. I hope future students have as much fun as I did. Thank you for everything and goodbye.”

Etienne from FRANCE 1280px-Civil_and_Naval_Ensign_of_France.svg

“I used to have only one family in my home country, now I have one in England too.”

Abdul Aziz from SAUDI ARABIA sa

“Everybody was so nice in the college; I had a really good time. I would like to recommend the college for people who are planning to study English in Manchester. Thank you very much everybody! See you soon!”

Meg from JAPAN japan-flag

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